Your monetary contribution will directly support the scholarships program of our Chapter and the Mansfield students who are selected to receive awards.  We depend on the support of the Mansfield community and all scholarship awards go to Mansfield residents.  Donations of any amount are accepted and are greatly appreciated.

CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars is a public charity as designated under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your tax deductible contributions to support the students of Mansfield can be made directly, by check, to:

CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars

P.O. Box 23

Mansfield, MA 02048

All contributions will be directed to the General Scholarship Fund and will be used to fund scholarship awards for the current year.  You can also elect to have your contribution added to one of the many Endowment Funds listed in that section of this website.  The principal balance of Endowment Funds remains invested and only the income is used to fund scholarship awards.

Alternatively, you can also donate to CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars on-line by clicking the Red Arrow below and providing the necessary details. Any donations (net of the credit card fee) made in this manner through the Scholarship America website will go directly to our local CSF of Mansfield Dollars for Scholars Chapter for local use.

Finally, if you are interested in establishing a new Endowment Fund, please write to our President by clicking on the "Chapter Contact" tab in this website.

Recognition of the monetary support from the Mansfield community over the past year follows.

Business and Professional Donors
AAA Pest Control Inc.
Bank of America Matching Gift Program
Bank of Easton
Barrows Insurance Agency, Inc.
Big Hearted Books & Clothing, Inc.
Bolea-Amici Funeral Home
Cavallo & Signoriello Insurance Agency
Cigna Corporation Matching Gift Program
Cousin's Pizza and Subs
Dry Clean Pros
Dynamic Dental
FM Global Foundation Matching Gift Program
Gerry Abbott Inc. Realtors
Grogan-Marciano Sporting Goods, Inc.
Hayden Optometric Associates
Mansfield Bank Charitable Foundation
Mansfield Deli
Mansfield Eye Care
Mansfield Fabric Care
Mansfield Firefighters Local 1820
Mansfield High School Charity Association
Mansfield Jeep-Chrysler
Mansfield Post Office
Mansfield Regular Police Association
Mass Premier Courts
Michael Scott Salon
Milton's Distribution Co., Inc.
Miss Cindy's School of Dance
North Easton Savings Bank
Pro's Car Care
Rotary Club of Mansfield
Sharon Credit Union
Sherman & Jackson Funeral Home, Inc./ Norton Memorial Funeral Home
Staples Charitable Foundation
State Street Bank Matching Gift Program
Stefano's Pizza
Stop & Shop
Sue's Cleaners
Together We Can 
Town of Mansfield Electric Department
Community Leaders
Anonymous (2)   Monique M. & Kevin R. Jankowski
Lloyd K. & Laura J. Anderson   Susan & Robert Jean
Louis & Mary Andrews   Neil I. & Mary A. Johnson
Douglas Annino   Elizabeth A. & Todd A. Johnston
James & Kathleen Aspinall   Celeste R. Jones
Francis J. Baldini   Albert Kalter 
Andrew S. & Deborah B. Bank   Sean Kelly
Gary & Jackie Barclift   Thomas & Susan Keogh
Kathleen O. & Philip R. Beattie   Sin Mei Ko & Ronald A. Porat
Judith Driscoll and F. Andrew Beise   John R. & Kathleen O. Korona
Phyllis Bernard   Barbara Kuzdzol
Carol A. Bielan   Thomas P. & Ellen E. Leonard
Charles H. & Eileen A. Boehm   Sandra Levine
Patricia J. & Joseph E. Braidt   Christopher J. & Barbara J. Lindsay
Dora B. Branchini   Robert A. LoBello
Christopher & Anne Brundige   Paul & Diane Lowndes
Kiirsten Budwey   Carol Lucas
Clifton R. Cain   Arlene M. Macaione
Nancy & James Carabitses   Richard & Jeanne Mahoney
David P. & Celeste Censorio   Kevin R. & Michele E. McCormick
Jeffrey & Elizabeth Chaffee   Mary McGrail
Jeffrey & Charlotte Cheyne   Michael J. & Mary A. McHugh
Anthony T. & Josephine J. Chiusano   Alan & Madeline McKenna
Barbara J. & Steven R. Clarke   Ralph Merrifield
Eileen Corcoran   Drew & Sheila Miller
Judith & Christopher Crowley   Mary Ann & Raymen Morrell
Joseph R. Daley   Andrew D. & Wilma C. Morrison
William V. Darling   Maria Muller
Kathleen M. & Robert J. Davidson   Sharon & Joseph Mullin
Todd & Donna Dean   Justin M. & Jane G. Nash
Janice & Edward Doherty   Patricia Nebhut
Sandra Downey   Leslie E. & Barbara H. Negus
Peter Dublanica   Keith & Rene Ninesling
Joseph & Joan  Duggan   Daniel S. & Linda Noreck
Marjorie & John Dunn   Kim  Oliveira
Jeanne & Kevin Fallon   Arthur D. & Sandra H. O'Neil
Arthur C. & Cynthia Y. Faria   Connie Pietrafetta
Daniel & Cheryl Farley   Bernard W. & Denise S. Pizura
Barry S. & Barbara G. Fineberg   Wayne Reynolds
Alan M. & Sheila A. Foskett   Kendall & Nancy Richards
Dorothy L. Fowler   Rebecca Rinaldi
Kathleen Fox   Scott M. & Lisa L. Rogan
Paula J. & Stanley S. Freedman   Joseph & Mary Rotella
James F. & Mary Q. Gallagher   Henry J. & Cathleen B. Shachoy
Richard & Sarah Gay   Annette L. & Francis X. Shaw
Donald & Patsi Genoa   Matthew J. Sheahan
Walter R. & Mary M. Gilbert   Jean P. Shuffleton
Frederick Giovino Revocable Trust   James & Martha Simerl
Deborah & Philip Graham   Stephen C. Smith
Eric & Kimberly Greenberg   Michael J. & Donna A. Sullivan
Steve & Roberta Grogan   Derna Thomas
David & Eileen Guadagnoli    Al Thurber
Margaret R.& David P. Guillotte   James & Roberta Tumbleson
Dan Gyves   James P. & Carol D. Unger
Richard A. & Elizabeth J. Hargreaves   Dr. Charles & Faye Van Buren
John C. & Carolyn M. Hart   Brian & F. Ann Vangel
David C. & Joan N. Hatch   William B. Vernon
Raymond G. & Marcia A. Healey   Roger & Sherran Vickery
Thomas & Cathleen Hellard   Emery & Joan Visconti
Jeanne & Robert Henault   Nancy H. Vogel
Gerald & Joan Hoare   Jean Waite & Mark Boulter
Robert & Jeanne Hobson   Gregory S. & Colette Walkins
Scott P. & Kimberly E. Holster   Susan Wall
Marcia & George Peter Holster   Jeanne M. & Philip N. Wall
Trenton & Cassidy Honda   Joseph & Consuelo Wappel
Joseph & Michelle Houghton   Terri Wappel
Mary R. & Philip A. Hourigan   Frances J. & Edward J. Wilson
Nancy Isabelle   Krista A. Young & David P. Oldow